Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Beating breast cancer

As with any form of cancer, the earlier breast cancer is detected, the better the outlook is. With that in mind, make the most of breast cancer awareness month by learning the risk factors and how to self-check. If you find any changes in your breast, or have any concerns book an appointment with your GP.

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Fullerton Health Australia Careers

Our staff are our most valuable asset. As such, Fullerton Health Australia promotes a workplace culture of respect, tolerance, and diversity. We believe in the right of employees to reach their full potential in the workplace, and continuously strive for equal opportunity through a merit-based system of recruitment, development, and promotion.

Grovedale Medical Centre

Located just out of Geelong, Grovedale Medical Centre is a dedicated family practice which provides a range of personalised, professional, quality healthcare across a wide range of medical and support services.

Our local Grovedale clinic is focused on providing a range of quality healthcare including women’s and men’s health, vaccination and immunisation programs as well as travel health and skin checks.

Purpose built facilities ensure that our Grovedale GPs, allied health and administration team provide you with quality care in modern and comfortable surroundings

Saturdays: Please note we have varying open times for Saturdays. Please call us to confirm.

We provide full service healthcare for local residents as well as holiday makers.

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